Luxurious Bath Melts


Bath Melts by KLORIS is a high-quality product hand-made in England. Each box contains three 50mg Bath Melts (150mg total). Each melt is rich in natural oils and butters with a potent 50mg dose of premium. These wonderful bath melts are scented with heavenly bergamot and ylang-ylang scents to take your experience to the next level. These unique melts are suitable for use in the shower or bath and can be a superb treat for yourself or a wonderful gift for someone.

Bath Melts are infused with soothing natural oils, butters and 50mg of premium to help you enjoy a glorious bath. The aromatic scents of bergamot and ylang-ylang can potentially calm your mind and take your experience to the next level. Just relax and enjoy the goodness.

it is known to effectively absorb through the skin and target the receptors throughout your skin, joints, and muscles. Numerous studies suggest that could work with the skin’s CB2 receptors to help ease inflammation associated with irritation from external sources, such as pollution and harsh products.

It may potentially strengthen your skin’s barrier function by encouraging optimal functioning. Each melt contains 50 mg natural ingredient and other natural oils and butters with soothing properties on your skin. KLORIS introduced the sweet citrus fragrance of bergamot and the delicate ylang-ylang to caress your senses and complete this awesome formulation. 

Testing lab PhytoVista Laboratories
Ingredients Avocado Oil, Sativa L, Cocoa


Calms Your Mind👌 
- Soothes Sensitive Skin 🐶
- Hydrates Dry Skin ✅



How to use ? 

Simply rub the Bath Melt (or even half) over clean, wet skin and allow the powerful nutrients to absorb into your skin. The nourishing natural oils and nourishing cocoa butter soothe your skin while the aromatic scents calm and refresh your mind. Do not rinse off after using these bath melts.


Store the Bath Melts in a cool and dry place and out of reach of children and pets.


This product is designed for adults only. Bath Melts are unsuitable for use by lactating or pregnant women. This product is designed for external use and not for consumption. It is essential to note that Bath Melts are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition.