Our Promise

We live in a stressful time. Day after day, the demands placed on us only seem to grow.

We are asked to do more and more to get ahead, and sometimes just to get by. All while endless digital distractions compete to pull our attention in a million directions.

As a consequence, many of us are more stressed than ever. Some estimates suggest 75% of doctor’s visits are for stress-related issues. We’re feeling it, and we know we aren’t alone.

That’s why we created Fog — to provide a remedy for the demands of the modern world. 

Our  wellness products are created from premium organic, non-GMO. We use all natural ingredients sourced from farms in the United States. Nothing artificial, and nothing fake. 

We know that trust is something to be earned, and the  industry has too often failed to earn that trust. That’s wrong, and we want to change it. That’s why every single product we deliver is independently tested by third-party laboratories. You don’t have to take our word for it — you can see the results for yourself.

Our team includes scientists, entrepreneurs, and experts. We are passionate about the possibilities of , a natural compound that’s been used for thousands of years. And we’re on a mission to apply nature’s ancient solutions to the problems of a modern, chaotic world.

We invite you to join us, and reclaim the sense of focus, calm, and clarity that can be so difficult to cultivate in a chaotic world.