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How Fiona Thomas Tackles Anxiety

How Fiona Thomas Tackles Anxiety

We spoke with Fiona Thomas, author of Depression in a Digital Age: The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism, on the tools she uses to manage her mental and physical health.   

What’s your daily wellness routine?  

I don't have a set routine as such, partially because I'm self-employed meaning every day is different, and partially because I don't respond well to repeating the same routine over and over again. My wellness routine is more about knowing my triggers and having a range of tools to address how I'm feeling that day. I have a few non-negotiable things I do everyday. Most days I make sure I get outside in the fresh air for a 30 minute walk, or do an exercise class at my local gym. I also try to make time for reading before bed as I find this helps me sleep better.

What is one thing that someone could do today that would make a huge improvement to their overall health? 

Use positive affirmations! It's such an effective way to address your inner critic and turn your day around, simply by rethinking how you talk to yourself.

How do you overcome anxiety?

My anxiety feels like a constant presence in my life, but I have lots of ways to calm it down depending on what is triggering it. I don't drink too much coffee, and exercise daily too. If I'm worried about something in the future I like to journal my thoughts as it can often bring up solutions. If not, just getting my thoughts out on paper really helps!