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Journey Spotlight - Julie Moltke of Get The Dose

Journey Spotlight - Julie Moltke of Get The Dose

We are firm believers in life is about the journey and not the destination – which is why when we come across humans who are living their journey with resilience and purpose, we always want to hear more. 

This week I sat down with Fog friend and collaborator Dr Julie Moltke. Not only is Julie incredibly passionate and knowledgeable she is also kind, determined and terribly funny as I found out when I attended her gut health event a few weeks ago.

Dr Julie Moltke is a medical doctor and has spent most of her career focusing on mental health, stress management, and the medicinal industry. She believes in personalised medicine and seeing every client as an individual with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. She is the scientific advisor for and the founder of the London-based health, wellness and science publication, Getthedose. Dr Julie prescribes medicinal at Clinic Horsted in Denmark and she is a public speaker and a yoga and mindfulness teacher. She also owns and runs a retreat centre at her farm in southern Sweden.

Can you tell us a bit about your personal journey?

As a doctor, my main interest was always the humanitarian and behavioural side of medicine. In the traditional medical system, after working years in surgery and as a GP; I realised that my work did not feel very fulfilling. I had no time to really help people with the root cause of their problems and spent all my time covering up symptoms. I soon felt unhappy and stressed. As I have always been very interested in mental health I embarked on a journey to find the best way to help balance stressors in our everyday life. My greatest tools became mindfulness, meditation. I haven't looked back since and I see it as part of my mission to help bridge so-called alternative medicine with western medicine. 

How important do you think it is for brands to interact directly with their customers through activations and stepping out from behind the screen?

I generally believe that creating a feeling of community around any brand is a really important part of being in the wellness industry these days. People want to connect, they want to be able to be inspired and to ask questions face to face. I think that activating the customer is a crucial part of building a customer base. 

I know you are a yoga teacher, how do you feel it  can act as an enhancer to spiritual practice? 

For me, a big part of spiritual practice is working on bringing more conscious awareness to all aspects of life. Stepping out of the auto-pilot mode and into a habit of being present in the moment with whatever thoughts, feelings and sensations you find. The more stressed you are, the "smaller" the mind feels which can make it really challenging to bring awareness into your everyday life. In my experience, it can help bring a bit more "spaciousness" in the mind and as science has shown that it can help alleviate stress. In that way, I think it can also help with your spiritual practice.   

What is your best advice for a balanced life?

My best advice is to take responsibility for your own life and health. By letting go of the feeling of being a victim you can empower yourself to really make the changes needed to find balance, health and wellbeing. This is a life long journey of balancing your work-life, social-life, sleep, diet, exercise, hobbies, mental health and the list goes on. But you are the only one who can make that balance. 

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