Join Fog for an immersive evening at the The Drug. Store on Fenchurch Street. You will explore CBD's capability to work in perfect symbiosis with other alternative methods of self care and as a natural antidote to the demands of the modern world.


Dr Julie Moltke - CBD expert and founder of Get The Dose will provide you with an introduction to CBD and its potential powerful healing properties.

You will then have the opportunity to try Fog's 25mg Organic hemp CBD capsules at the beginning of the session.

Selma, founder of GONG, will then guide you through a 45 minute Gong Bath journey aided with the natural soothing benefits of CBD.

  • Date: March 9, 2020
  • Time: 17:30 arrive time, 18:00 Gong begins
  • Location: The Drug.Store, 125 Fenchurch St, Langbourn, London EC3M 5DF
  • Price: £15

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About CBD and Gong

A gong bath is an immersive experience that is deeply relaxing and revitalising for your mind and body. The powerful sound waves from the gong will entrain your brainwaves into a meditative state, while the vibrations help to release blocked energy and restore vitality. The potent relaxing effects of CBD will allow you to fully release. Boosting the benefits and inviting you to enter a profound state of tranquility. You'll leave with a renewed sense of calm, clarity and vigor.

Ticket price includes access to the event, 45 minute gong bath, 5 x Fog everywhere capsules and an exclusive event discount code.

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